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Roofing FAQs

How do Elk roofing products compare to other types of roofing materials I can specify?
Elk shingles carry an Underwriters Laboratory Class "A" fire rating, while wood shingles are being banned in many areas because of fire danger. Untreated wood shingles can warp, curl and burn, while Elk shingles are made with a fiberglass base to resist these problems. And Elk premium shingles are less expensive than wood or shake. Ordinary three-tab shingles are flat and thin -- and look that way on a roof. Conversely, Elk shingles lend a high-profile look to a building which your clients will appreciate.

How can I get samples of your products?
Your Regional Sales Office will be happy to provide you with architectural sample chips of our products and product colors.

Can Elk products be installed over my present roof or will the old one have to be torn off first?
Elk products can be applied over old roofs in some cases. It just depends on the state of the present roof and local codes. Your contractor can make a recommendation.

How will Elk shingles look on the buildings I design?
Choosing Elk premium laminated shingles is one of the best ways to improve the visual appeal and functionality of your next project. Their rich, dimensional appearance makes a statement that few other roofing materials can.

What are the product options you offer?
Elk offers a variety of distinct roofing products -- in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and options. Our Prestique® line consists of four products with a wood-like appearance, while Capstone® has a classic slate-like look.

How durable and reliable are Elk shingles?
Elk shingles are designed to stand up to the elements, year after year, because they've earned UL wind resistant and Class "A" fire ratings, they offer the maximum protection against wind and fire damage. Our products are created with two things in mind: beauty and performance.

What should I know about your company before specifying your shingles for my next project?
Producing the finest roofing available is nothing new for Elk. We've led the way in improving the quality of roofing products since 1955, the year we opened our first production plant. Today, our production facilities -- in Ennis, Texas; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Shafter, California and our new state-of-the-art facility in Myerstown, Pennsylvania -- continue to be the world's most efficient producers of premium laminated fiberglass shingles.

How can I get samples of your products?
Your roofing contractor will have sample boards showing the various Elk products and product colors. Contact your regional Sales Office for a brochure on the Elk products you're interested in.

Can I buy shingles directly from Elk?
Our products are primarily sold through independent distributors who sell to builders and roofing contractors who install roofs. Some contractors, and many roofing product distributors, have showrooms where you can view Elk products. Our products are available in some retail home centers, too.

I noticed Prestique High Definition® and Raised Profile® have similar limited warranties. What's the difference in these two products?
The large difference between these two shingles is the granule mix. Prestique High Definition has our high definition granule mix for an increased dimensional appearance, adding depth and texture to a home's roof. If you view the Prestique High Definition shingle you will notice a dark pattern of granules near the top of the shingle; this enhances the appearance of shadows on your roof to give the appearance of greater depth and thickness. Raised Profile does not have this granule mix, but still offers a more dimensional appearance than standard three-tab shingles. While these shingles do have a similar limited warranty, Prestique High Definition gives our premium appearance with a value similar to Raised Profile.

What is a "Peak PerformanceSM Contractor" ?
The term "Peak Performance Contractor" refers to a program that recognizes independent roofing contractors who sell Elk products and maintain an extremely high level of customer satisfaction (90% or above as determined by a third-party survey), and successfully maintain a clean business history as determined by the Better Business Bureau®. All Peak Performance Contractors must carry workers compensation (if required by law) and liability insurance coverage. The program was designed to give these true professionals an opportunity to distinguish themselves, and it has also been a highly successful tool in gaining important customer feedback. Click on the Peak Performance link to access local professionals who are well-versed in industry standard practices.

What are the product options you offer?
View Elk's family of shingles.


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