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Complete Elk Roofing System

When used in conjunction with other Elk components, Elk shingles create a total roof system which delivers outstanding protections against wind and moisture. The homeowner has the added security of buying from a single source and increased Umbrella Coverage on the shingles to seven years.

In order to qualify for Elk's free 7-year "Full System Warranty," your installed roof must include each of the Elk products 1- 5 below. Note: RidgeCrest™ (vented) qualifies as ridge vents and hip & ridge shingles.

1. Elk Premium Shingles

2. Elk HighPoint™ Ridge Vents or Elk RidgeCrest™ provide efficient ventilation, reducing moisture accumulation that can damage roof decks and other parts of the structure. These vents feature an innovative design that is free of filters that can clog and reduce performance over time.

3. Elk All-Climate, Self-Adhering Underlayment helps prevent water leakage caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain. This product is applied directly to the decking in potential leak zones prior to shingle application.

4. Elk Starter Strip is a great start for a lasting roof that can withstand severe winds. These self-sealing strips go beneath the first course of shingles. Using the Elk Starter Strip with certain Elk shingles can increase your roof's limited wind warranty for coverage in winds up to 110 mph.*

5. Elk Z® Ridge or Seal-A-Ridge Hip and Ridge Shingles create unique roofline profiles while providing extra protection against leaks and wind blow-offs.

6. Elk VersaShield® Underlayment is a fiberglass-based underlayment which offers exceptional protection against flame spread and penetration. Less sensitive to weather extremes than typical underlayments, it lays flat and offers increased moisture protection.

7. StainGuard® Treatment (not shown, check for availability)

8. Elk Roof Accessory Paint (not shown)



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