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Co-Op Program

The Premium Choice® Co-Op Advertising Program
The Purpose:
The purpose of our co-op program is to help you advertise and promote both your business and Elk roofing products -- with Elk paying a portion of the expenses.

Who’s Eligible?
All contractors, builders and remodelers who purchase Elk products are eligible to participate in the co-op program, based on purchase accrual of Elk products.

Just contact your Regional Sales Office, who will enroll you.

What’s in it for me?
Enrollees are reimbursed up to 50% of their net media costs for all eligible advertising, less all discounts and rebates. Reimbursement is subject to certain conditions and limitations. The current Elk logo, website address, and brand names must appear prominently in all materials, and no competitive products may appear in the advertising.

We publish a brochure, which details allowances, types of eligible materials, ad content, claim submissions, and all the rest of the rules and regulations relating to the co-op program. Just contact us and request one and your Local District Sales Manager will send it to you.



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