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Complete Elk Roofing System

When used in conjunction with other Elk components, Elk shingles create a total roof system which delivers outstanding protections against wind and moisture. The homeowner has the added security of buying from a single source and increased Umbrella Coverage on the shingles to seven years.

In order to qualify for Elk's free 7-year "Full System Warranty," your installed roof must include each of the Elk products 1- 5 below. Note: RidgeCrest® (vented) qualifies as ridge vents and hip & ridge shingles.

1. Elk Premium Shingles.

2. HighPoint™ or RidgeCrest with Formula FLX Ridge Vents provide filterless
ventilation, reducing moisture accumulation that can damage roof decks.

3. Elk IceGard™ All-Climate Self-Adhering Underlayment protects against winddriven rain and ice damming. IceGard applies directly to the decking in potential leak zones prior to shingle application.

4. Starter Strip – the first step to a great start for a lasting roof that can withstand severe winds.

  • Elk Starter Strip – helps protect your home from the elements and completes your roof.
  • 7.2" StartRite™ Roll - standard asphalt, granular surfaced, fiberglass reinforced
    with WindGuard® sealant.
  • 7.2" KwikStart™ Roll - self-adhering SBS-modified asphalt, mineral surfaced,
    fiberglass reinforced with WindGuard sealant.
  • 9" Starter Roll - standard asphalt, granular surfaced, fiberglass reinforced with
    WindGuard sealant.

5. Ridglass®, Z® Ridge, Seal-A-Ridge® or RidgeCrest™ Hip and Ridge Shingles help
create unique roofline profiles while providing extra protection against leaks and
wind blow-offs.

Other Elk Roof Accessories

6. Elk ShieldGard™, TG-2™. or VersaShield® Underlayments provide added
protection against ice damming, as well as aiding in the prevention of flame spread.

HT ShieldGard™ Underlayment has a fiberglass reinforced surface that protects from extreme temperatures under metal and tile roofs.

StainGuard® Treatment (check for availability) (not shown)

Elk Roof Accessory Paint (not shown)



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