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Elk Firsts

Elk has led the way in improving the quality of roofing products since 1955, the year we opened our first production plant. That history of innovation continues today with our industry-leading roofing products and advanced composite decking.

  • First to adopt an improved technology for manufacturing fiberglass mat.
  • First to cut, combine, bond and package laminated shingles in one continuous cycle.
  • First to introduce a “mid-weight” laminated shingle – Prestique® II.
  • First to offer a 40-year limited warranty.
  • First to offer a five-year wind-resistant limited warranty.
  • First to use computerized process control.
  • First to develop a random-cut product design.
  • First to increase product thickness to emphasize the aesthetics of depth and texture in premium fiberglass shingles.
  • First to produce a hip and ridge product with a sealant designed to reduce blow-off: Seal-A-Ridge® with FLX™.
  • First to offer a ridge product that folds, creating a high-profile look: Z® Ridge.
  • First to provide a roof accessory paint color-matched to our shingle products.
  • First to develop the High Definition® look, which uses a color gradation process to provide additional visual depth and a thicker appearance.
  • First to build specialized plants totally dedicated to the production of premium laminated products.
  • First to produce an energy-efficient asphalt shingle available in rich colors, called the Elk Cool Color Series.
  • First to produce a non-asphaltic Interply headlap, decreasing installation time by up to 20% and making large exposure shingles easier to handle and lighter weight without sacrificing performance – Prestique Grandé and Domain® Winslow®.



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