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Steps to Link to Our Site:
Step 1
Right-click anywhere on the selected banner.
Step 2 Choose 'Save Image As', 'Save Picture As', or 'Download Image to Disk'.
Step 3 Save the image on your web server in the same folder you have your HTML page.
Step 4 'Copy and Paste' the following code into the body of your web page. Make sure that the file name of the image is the same as the "img src" in the image tag.

Copy this code:
< a href="http://www.elkcorp.com"> < img src="elklogo_med.gif" border="0">< /a>

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Limited License:
By linking to Elk’s web site at www.elkcorp.com, a party (“Limited Licensee”) thereby agrees with Elk Corporation of America (“Elk”) to the following terms and conditions of a Web-Linking Agreement (this “Agreement”).

  1. Linked Image. Limited Licensee agrees to incorporate the graphical image file provided by Elk (“Image”) into the HTML files located at Limited Licensee’s web site, or a simple underlined link appearing as www.elkcorp.com without any graphical image associated with it, for the duration of Limited Licensee’s maintenance of the link.
  2. Location of Link. The Image shall appear on the home or default Result Page (“Home Page”) of Limited Licensee’s web site, which is the page a User’s web browser will generate as the result of requesting Limited Licensee’s Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”), or any new URL with which Limited Licensee replaces the above-stated URL.
  3. No Negative Association. The Image shall appear in the Home Page such that it is not associated with images or words that are inappropriate, or editorialize as to Elk or its products, and shall not bear a subordinate relationship or position as to its competitors or their respective products. The Image shall not be displayed in a manner that states or implies that Limited Licensee is a partner, principal, officer, director, employee, agent or other representative of Elk.
  4. Elk Rights of Review. Limited Licensee agrees that all statements and images at its web site relating to Elk or its products and any changes thereto are subject to the prior review and approval of Elk, and that failure to obtain such approval constitutes a material breach of this agreement.
  5. Notice to Elk. At least 10 days prior to adding any new Elk links, Limited Licensee agrees to notify Elk of the nature of the new links. In the absence of any objection from Elk, Limited Licensee may place such links on its site 10 days after notice was given.
  6. Revocable License. In consideration of the other terms and conditions hereof, Elk hereby grants to Limited Licensee a non-exclusive revocable right to establish a link to Elk’s World Wide Web site, as described more fully in this Agreement. Elk grants to Limited Licensee a non-exclusive revocable right to use, in connection with establishing this web link, Elk’s trade and service marks as shown on its web site. Such use shall be limited to the purposes of establishing the link. Limited Licensee will not under any circumstances by entitled to any linking, referral, transaction or usage revenues, commissions, membership or hit fees, or other fees or expenses for establishing the link or for any third party’s visiting the Elk web site or its conducting any business with Elk, whether or not it results from its use of the link.
  7. User Information. For purposes of this Section 7, “User” shall be defined as a user accessing Elk’s site through the Limited Licensee’s link. For purposes of this section, User Information shall be defined as (i) navigational information, including but not limited to usage of other hyperlinks within or available through Elk’s site, (ii) transactional information, including but not limited to billing information, including products purchased and method of payment, and (iii) user’s Internet address and/or other identifying information such as actual name or address. The parties agree that Elk may collect and store any User Information whether or not voluntarily provided by the User, including but not limited to, navigational information. User Information that is knowingly and voluntarily provided by the User to Elk may be collected, stored and used for Elk’s own internal marketing or research efforts. In the event federal or state law prevents the collection, use or disclosure of User Information, the provisions affected shall be construed so as to comply with such laws or regulations. Limited Licensee shall not furnish to any third party any User Information concerning Users who link to Elk’s web site.
  8. Certain Representations and Warranties. Limited Licensee represents and warrants to Elk that, as of the date of execution of this Agreement:
    1. Limited Licensee has duly registered the domain name of its web site with all applicable authorities and possesses all rights necessary to use, and grant others a license to use, such domain name; and
    2. the content and materials which Limited Licensee has placed within Limited Licensee’s web site do not and will not infringe upon or violate (a) any U.S. copyright, patent, trademark or other proprietary right of a third party, or (b) any applicable law, regulation or non-proprietary third-party right.




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