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Tips for creating a garden on the roof

Effective: Jule 24, 2017

Which roof is suitable for a garden device?

For an intensive gardening of the roof, and so it is scientifically called our idea, requires a flat horizontal roof. Only then it will be possible to rest on it, as well as arrange plants and garden furniture, without fear that all this will fall on the heads of passers-by.

Before starting the construction of the garden, assess the strength of the roof. On the wooden roof to break a large garden is unsafe - beam structures are unlikely to withstand a significant weight. Here you can afford a little - a couple of chairs with a table and a few flowerpots. But with a concrete slab you can give vent to your imagination. Some designers create whole garden complexes with flower beds, fountains and waterfalls on solid concrete roofs.

The secret to the ease of your garden

In any case, even if the concrete roof does not raise doubts about its strength, it will not be easier to facilitate the construction of the garden. Refuse heavy paving slabs - they, together with the adhesive layer, will create a rather heavy covering, unsafe for any (sometimes imperceptible) flaws in the roof. It is best for floor paving decking - wood or composite coating, which has undergone special treatment for successful operation in outdoor conditions. Decking can be alternated with other materials, for example, lay out the main tracks and rest area, and fill other areas with river pebbles or gravel. We'd all love a rooftop graden like this one. Bowles Wyer designed it in the West End of London.

Used earth mixtures for plants should also be light and porous. Ready peat mixes with a fair amount of baking powder (perlite or vermiculite) is what you need. To decorate the garden, purchase light containers and pots - from plastic, wood or coconut fiber. They should be securely fixed in their places, for example, screwed with screws to the floor covering or the roof edges. So you will not leave the wind with a chance to break the created composition.

What to choose for planting?

The garden on the roof will always be open to the sun and the gusts of the wind. Therefore, plants must be planted in the sunshine, drought-resistant, with flexible stems that do not break from the wind. Under this description are suitable: heather, chebushnik, oregano, lavender, bell, saxifrage, purgings, stunted marigolds, daisies, pelargonium.

If you do not want to limit yourself only to planting herbaceous plants, then pay attention to the bushes: barberry Tunberga, spirea Bumald, Japanese or gray, shrubby shrubby. Among the trees, you can also choose species that will not only feel fine in the open roof area in the summer, but they will not die in a limited amount of land in winter. Among such winter-hardy species, it is necessary to distinguish a birch tree, a shallow willow, a mountain pine, a common pine, European larch.


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